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Our interactive Brand Share Index enables you to create a graphic chart and accompanying statistical table reflecting your choice of brands and segments.

Marketing requires you to focus on the strengths and weakness of your brand compared with your competitors. Knowing these differences enables you to create a more effective marketing plan to increase your market share across the board. Analysis is a vital component in targeting segments of the market with the most potential for growth. This is vital information when you're developing a marketing plan.

We enable users to compare how well a brand performs within a particular demographic segment of a brand relative to how the same brand performs among all users of the brand in the product category.

Case Study: DEmographic Variables

Comparing brands "A" and "B" among NBA fans, both brands have an identical share of market but their demographic characteristics and social media usage habits differ, often significantly. Brand A appeals to more affluent users than Brand B; Brand B drivers are younger and is more popular among Twitter users.
  • Compare trends in total market size (as defined by number of users) and brand preferences. Which brands have the most loyalty? The least loyalty?
  • Which brands plagiarize other brands the most? The least?
  • Which brands are used most often? Least often?
  • Which brands appeal to teen-agers? Young adults? Seniors?
  • Which brand users are most active on social media?